Why The Wet Shave Is Superior To The Dry Shave

The debate has long raged as to whether the wet shave or dry shave was the superior technique. Many from both schools of thought have thoroughly defended and protected their stance time and time again. We here at Muehle proudly stand strong with those on the side of the wet shave. Overall, it offers far more benefits than a dry shave, which really only has its speed to offer. While it is a simple shaving technique that does a decent job, it will never compare to the remarkable shave that wet shaving offers. Pairing the right razor with the right shaving supplies can lead to some of the best shaves ever.

Benefits of The Wet Shave

  • Closer Shave
  • Cleans Skin
  • Truest Shaving Experience

Closer Shave

One of the key benefits of wet shaving with a razor is that it offers the closest shave possible. The wet shave is named after the process of soaking your facial hair with water and shaving gel/foam. This softens the hair, opens pores, and relaxes the skin. This helps avoid damaging the skin while allowing your whiskers to be removed with minimal effort. Dry shaving was designed to be quick, so it just doesn’t have the capabilities to provide someone with as close a shave as wet shaving does.

Cleans Skin

Before beginning your wet shave, it’s important that you apply warm water and a good exfoliation product. As stated earlier, this not only opens your pores and makes it easier to shave your facial hair, this also cleans your face of anything and everything your face came in contact the day before. You can also apply a pre-shave oil or soap which further cleans your pores and leaves a fantastic smell. Since dry shaving doesn’t involve any of these products, it tends to irritate and damage your skin. You also tend to leave damaging agents within your skin since you don’t clean them out with any product. Most electric razors use shaving hysteresis as their main driver for removing hair. During shaving hysteresis, the hair is first pulled up before a subsequent razor shaves the hair off. Many people will suffer from skin irritation and razor burns with their dry shave, something you’ll never have to fear during a wet shave.

Truest Shaving Experience

The wet shave is better than any dry shave you’ll experience in your life because it is the truest shaving experience available. While it can be scary at first and may seem like it’s impossible to master, wet shaving makes shaving fun rather than simply a chore. Wet shaving was the original shaving experience long before electric razors were even invented, and will be around even as shaving technology continues to get more advanced. The art of shaving lives with those who practice wet shaving, and it’s always looking for one more person to join. If you’re looking to start wet shaving and need the right supplies, visit the Muehle shop today!