Top Shaving Tips From Around The Web

Here at Muehle USA, we love shaving. We also love that you love shaving.

We often times find ourselves sharing our shaving tips from the experts we have on staff, but wanted to switch it up this month and bring you the top shaving tips from other top sources around the web.

Shaving Tips #1, 2, and 3

What better place to start for shaving advice than the American Academy of Dermatology, Inc.?

  1. Wet your skin and hair to soften it.  A great time to shave is right after a shower, as your skin will be warm and moist and free of excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog up your razor blade.
  2. Apply a foaming shaving cream.If you have very dry or sensitive skin, look for a shaving cream that says “sensitive skin” on the label. Using a circular motion, apply a small amount of the cream to your face using your fingers or a shave brush. A shave brush can help by lifting the hairs and more evenly coating them with the shaving cream.
  3. Let the cream sit for two to three minutes.Particularly if you have thicker facial hair, this helps the shaving cream penetrate the hairs and soften them. While you wait, you can brush your teeth or comb your hair.

While they do have more than 3 great tips on their website, we thought we’d give some other websites a link here and let them showcase their stuff!

Shaving Tip #4

Shaving Tip #4 coming in hot from Grooming Essentials Blog! They have a whole section dedicated to shaving brushes and why they are so important.

Here’s a snippet, but make sure to check out their website for the rest! (by the way, don’t forget to come back and buy a high-quality Muhle shaving brush!)

“A shaving brush would probably be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make in terms of shaving. This is an essential tool in your arsenal if you want to enjoy the benefits of a smooth and close shave. It mostly does three things.

First, it helps evenly spread the cream to each and every strand of facial hair, raising them up making it easier to cut giving you the best chance to have the closest shave possible.

Second, it helps remove dead skin cells and exfoliating skin which reduces the risk of irritation, razor bumps and blemishes.”

Shaving Tip #5

From the one and only WebMD, comes our favorite tip!

Time Is Of The Essence: Don’t rush through a shave. That’s a good way to abuse your face. Instead, spend the necessary time prepping your skin for the razor.

Need More Shaving Tips Or Need a Tutorial?

Check out this great tutorial from the Nomad Barber. When you’re done watching, we’ve got the best Muehle products right here in the U.S.A. Check back often for monthly promotions and discounts!