Top 5 Techniques For a Smooth Shave

When it comes to shaving techniques and products, most men follow the advice of their father. A man chooses to use shave cream or just water before shaving. They become so cemented in the way they shave that they forget that there’s a potentially better way to shave. Consider these shaving techniques before the next shave:

Top Five Shaving Techniques:


  • The Quick Cut
  • The All Day Shave
  • The J-Hook
  • The Razer Buffing
  • The Slide


The Quick Cut

Some men just don’t have enough hours in the day to perfect their shave. They may elect to use an electric razor without any shaving cream before heading to work. This produces a rugged look that is somewhere between cleanly shaven and stubble. This also makes it easy for the hair to grow back. This technique is a preferred method of shaving for men that are looking to grow back their beard quickly. It also makes it easier for touch ups later on in the day.

All Day Shave

On the opposite side of “The Quick Cut” is the “All Day Shave.” Men who chose to do the “All Day Shave” have all the time in the world to perfect their beard. They have the fanciest shaving products and are prepared to craft a da Vinci on the lower half of their face. The “All Day Shave” leaves room for no failure, as men turn into surgeons. From the fade of the sideburn to the density of the chin strap. If a man has an open Saturday and an annoyingly itchy beard, they may decide to do the “All Day Shave.”

The J-Hook

The “J-Hook” is an advanced strategy for only advanced shavers. Men should first apply shaving cream before performing such a technique. The “J-Hook” allows the razor blades to shave deeply without worry of cutting the skin. To perform the “J-Hook”, start with the razor at the top of the shaving cream. Then as the razor slides down, slowly drift it towards the mustache. This will produce a “J” shape motion, hence the name. Continue doing the “J-Hook” until the face is completely smooth.

The Razor Buffing

The “Razor Buffing” technique seems tedious but is an extremely effective shave when looking for that perfect close shave. Razor Buffing is like the “J-Hook” in that it begins at the sideburns right above where the shaving cream starts. Begin by using small strokes with as little to no pressure. It follows the same motion as scrubbing a hard stain out. Razor Buffing will clean up any rough patches.

The Slide

The “Slide” is another great shaving technique that can be difficult to master early on but lead to incredible results. In the same starting position as the “Razor Buffing” and the “J-Hook”, start by bringing the razor down. At the same time, move the face away while keeping the razor on the face. Both movements combined to cover a very wide area. This can cut shaving time in half when perfected while yielding the same results as another razor technique.

On top of owing the right shaving products, a great shaving technique can make the process seamless. Muehle offers a wide array of products ranging from razors to shaving brushes. To buy a Muehle product today, call (561) 750-7289.