The Best Tips For Shaving While Traveling

Looking and feeling good after a shave shouldn’t be sacrificed for men who travel. Whether it is someone who travels often or a single trip, there are some tips for preserving a quality shave while not having the same bathroom setup as at home. Depending on where and how long someone travels will change their shaving needs. If it is a long trip, taking more accessories is fine. A shorter trip will not need as much, but one should still bring the shaving essentials as to not risk needing it in a worst case scenario while on the road.

Traveling has a way of humbling people, and shaving techniques are included in that. At home there is room to get extravagant and take your time, however on the road, they need to compromise with their resources. Every little bit of space is important to minimize the amount of luggage needed to carry on the trip. Getting the best shave in the least amount of space with the least amount of time is the ultimate goal.

Are Razors Allowed on Planes?

One of the biggest concerns of traveling with shaving equipment is the potential for razor blades to be confiscated as weapons. To avoid this, bring a razor blade that is fastened in the cartridge and not easily taken out. These are less likely to be interpreted as weapons. Otherwise, do not attempt to bring a potentially dangerous razor blade in the carry-on baggage. A blade with a two-piece assembly can also be more portable.

Depending on the space or time available can change the type of razor that is preferable for the trip. A person with very little room for luggage may want to get a second razor that is smaller than their normal razor. If time is more valuable, getting a sharp, quality razor will give a closer shave and allow them to spend less time shaving and more time enjoying the trip.

If you’re still not sure that your razor is safe to fly with, visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website to learn more about what you can and can not bring on a flight while traveling in the United States.

The Essential Accessories To Bring

When traveling it’s not only important to bring the right razor, but the most essential shaving accessories. A shaving brush is delicate and the hairs can be damaged by larger pieces of luggage if not placed in a safe container. A makeshift container for a shaving brush can be made from a prescription pill container with holes in the top to allow the hairs to not get moldy. Bring shaving cream still, but find a container that is small enough to fit with the other toiletries.  Find out how much is enough shaving cream to last the whole trip. Get a good idea of how much shaving cream is used per day, then stick to using no more than that much. A bowl for lather mixing can be found on the trip so it doesn’t need to be brought along with. Muehle has many products for shaving that can be useful for traveling as well as for your main shaving setup. Call us today at (561) 750-7289 to learn about our incredible shaving products, wet shaving culture, and more.