The Best Shaving Accessories For The Best Shave

Whether on a business trip or during the daily routine, looking the best can be possible with a good shave. Accessories for shaving can be the difference between a great shaving experience and just getting the job done. Some of the accessories which can really add to the luxury of shaving include shaving bowls, cotton towels, and brushes.


Razor Blade Guard – The plastic razor blade guard slides on to the razor end to prevent any cuts from the process of storing the blade. This also protects any luggage from being ripped during travel. As far as bringing razor blades on airplanes, this should be fine as long as the blade is mounted in the head and not easily removed. To be safe, stick it with the checked-in luggage. If traveling light but the feel of a fresh shave is too good to pass up, make sure the razor isn’t double-edged or easily removable. The safer a razor is, the less likely it is to be confiscated.


Pure Cotton Shaving Towels – Made with waffle piqué, these shaving towels will provide that feeling of a barber shave. Two twin towels are available for before and after the shave. The heat and moisture kept in the texture of the towels will apply the right temperature for a smooth, clean shave. The second towel will absorb the moisture afterward for a dry and clear-feeling face.


Shaving Bowls – The shaving material used in wet shaves lubricates the skin for the closest shave. When the lather is in the bowl it needs to be warm to keep the skin smooth. If shaving a long beard, multiple passes may be needed and eventually, the lather can become cold. Shaving bowls can be thick to retain their heat, but also a trick to keeping the shaving bowl warm is to put it inside another bowl of hot water.


Silvertip Shaving Brush – Using hands to apply the lather can become messy and waste or apply the lather unevenly. A brush can keep the mixture applied to the face cleanly and feel great meanwhile. The head of the brush is made from carefully picked badger hair for a noticeably soft and flexible material. Any soap or shaving cream can be applied evenly and carefully with the use of the fine, untrimmed tips of badger hair.


Shaving Sets – Matching sets of brushes, bowls, and stands can add to the experience of shaving by improving the appearance of the bathroom counter. Keeping the brush and razor neatly attached to the bowl will create more counter space as they will be elevated above the counter.

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