Steps To Using A Shaving Brush

The wet shave is a highly intricate procedure that has existed for centuries. Whereas dry shaving with an electric razor is a simple task that comes and goes, wet shaving is an experience. It’s an intimate moment with you and your bead. It can be a very relaxing and peaceful time. However, there are several different parts that go into wet shaving. From the actual razor to even the aftershave, everything comes together to create the perfect shave. One important piece of the wet shave puzzle is the shaving brush. While the shaving brush may seem straightforward and simple to use, there are some vital tips on how to maximize its use time and time again.

Shaving Brush Steps

  • Prime The Brush
  • Load The Brush
  • Apply The Lather
  • Rinse Out

Prime The Brush

When it’s time to start your wet shave, you must begin by first priming the shaving brush. To do so, simply rinse the shaving brush under warm water. This allows for the bristles to open up and prepare to be lathered. Without priming the brush, you leave the bristle dry, making it difficult for the brush to create a proper lather. In fact, an unprimed brush will probably have a difficult time loading itself, since it will be scratching the soap and won’t create a thick lather.

Load The Brush

The most important step of using a shaving brush, it’s vital that you properly load your shaving brush. To do so, you must first soak the brush to ensure that it’s wet. Once the bristles of the brush are wet, you’ll brush in a clockwise and counterclockwise pattern on top of your shaving soap. You’ll begin to see the soap build up. The bristles on your brush should begin to start clumping up, meaning it’s loaded. You can either apply the brush directly to your face, or you can apply it to a small shaving scuttle or bowl with a bit of water to produce an even thicker lather.

Apply The Lather

Once your brush is primed and loaded, it’s time to apply the lather to your face. While you may be quick to apply it in every direction, there is an art form behind applying your lather. Use a circular motion to guarantee that every centimeter of skin is covered in your soap. You want your beard to be completely covered in your later, as it will make your shave far easier. Take your time and relax. Once you’re done lathering up, you’re ready to begin shaving.

Rinse Out

When your shave is completed, you do have to wrap up a few more things before you can get dressed and head out for the day. Make sure to rinse out any and all soap from your brush, as leaving it in can damage the bristles and shorten the shaving brush’s lifespan. Leave your soap out to dry on the edge of your sink, so any water will drip down.

A shaving brush can be a major difference maker for your next wet shave, guaranteeing a proper lather and a smooth shaving experience from start to finish. If you’re looking for the best brushes for your next shave, check out the Muehle shop for their entire list of remarkable shaving brushes.