Shaving Care

Exclusive recipes, nurturing result

Have you found out yet – soap or cream? Or do you use shaving soap at home and shaving cream when traveling? We are quite happy to leave it up to you, and to accompany your grooming ritual with a high-quality aftershave balm. MÜHLE SKIN CARE was developed as a treat before and after shaving. For individual skin types and fragrance preferences. The exclusive recipe stems primarily from plant raw materials, processed in harmony with nature and the environment and gently extracted.

The pleasantly delicate fragrance nuances sandalwood, aloe vera and sea buckthorn are developed from essential oils – to be your unrivaled, favourite eau de toilette.

Shaving Cream

Optimale Konsistenz, pflegendes Erlebnis

Optimale Konsistenz, pflegendes Erlebnis

Shaving creams have a somewhat lighter consistency and the tubes are extremely practical when travelling. Even small amounts produce an abundant, dense lather. Beeswax and vegetable glycerine nurture the skin, the recipe contains no preservatives.

Sea buckthorn is suitable for all skin types, aloe vera pampers sensitive skin, sandalwood is predestined for normal to dry skin types.
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Shaving Soap

Der Klassiker für die Nassrasur

Der Klassiker für die Nassrasur

Shaving soaps are regarded as classics among care products. Rich, gently scented lather is produced from the bar of soap and water with the help of a shaving brush.

Numerous care components nourish and protect the skin. MÜHLE soaps from the sandalwood, aloe vera and sea buckthorn series are free of preservatives and contain trace elements and minerals.

After Shave Balm

Feuchtigkeit und Frische für die Haut

Feuchtigkeit und Frische für die Haut

After shave balm has long established itself as a soothing finale, also for men who dry shave. This care product relieves any irritation, prevents the skin from drying out, moisturises, nourishes and refreshes.

Creatures of habit like to stick with their favourites, whether aloe vera, sandalwood or sea buckthorn – but without preservatives.