Wet shavers who like a strong massage effect prefer shaving brushes with bristles. This material is taken from boars, carefully cleaned and then prepared specially for wet shaving; it is long-lasting and becomes much softer with use. It is assembled in accordance with our high industrial standards.

Black Fibre

This synthetic fibre was developed in-house and is similar to natural badger hair in its dark colouring, softness and quality, and a little softer at the tips. It possesses equally good performance characteristics and the synthetic fibres are somewhat sturdier and more durable. Some prefer this material due to its vegan properties and because it […]

Silvertip Fibre®

With this long-lasting synthetic fibre in premium quality we succeeded in achieving a world first and in proving that art is capable of surpassing nature. The particularly low-maintenance fibres, which are suitable for vegans, are processed by hand and very soft at the tips, but somewhat firmer than natural hair in the middle section. Other […]

Pure badger

Among the natural hair types, pure badger with its darker colouring guarantees exceptionally solid quality and a somewhat stronger massage effect. The soft hair is sturdier than silvertip badger and fine badger, but much more flexible than bristle material. It is manufactured mechanically according to the same high standards which are applied to all MÜHLE […]

Fine Badger

This quality comes close to the silvertip badger, the hairs are somewhat firmer and its light grey colouring features the dark stripe typical of high badger hair qualities. It is extremely well-suited to wet shavers who value the softness of badger hair and a tangible massage effect. The careful processing is done mechanically in accordance […]

Silvertip Badger

This recognized classic ranks at the top of the natural hair spectrum, is extremely soft and flexible, is made exclusively by hand and has typical characteristics: its silver color and the black band running horizontally through the hair. The fine, conically tapering hairs retain a large amount of water and guarantee a dense, creamy lather.