Top Shaving Tips From Around The Web

Here at Muehle USA, we love shaving. We also love that you love shaving. We often times find ourselves sharing our shaving tips from the experts we have on staff, but wanted to switch it up this month and bring you the top shaving tips from other top sources around the web. Shaving Tips #1, […]

Steps To Using A Shaving Brush

The wet shave is a highly intricate procedure that has existed for centuries. Whereas dry shaving with an electric razor is a simple task that comes and goes, wet shaving is an experience. It’s an intimate moment with you and your bead. It can be a very relaxing and peaceful time. However, there are several […]

Why The Wet Shave Is Superior To The Dry Shave

The debate has long raged as to whether the wet shave or dry shave was the superior technique. Many from both schools of thought have thoroughly defended and protected their stance time and time again. We here at Muehle proudly stand strong with those on the side of the wet shave. Overall, it offers far […]

Shaving For Beginners: What To Know

At some point, we’re all introduced to the art of shaving. Whether taught by our fathers or learned on our own, we’ve all developed some habit or routine of doing it. Even though it may seem like a daunting task that can be botched relatively quickly, it’s simple once you have the basics in your […]

The Best Tips For Shaving While Traveling

Looking and feeling good after a shave shouldn’t be sacrificed for men who travel. Whether it is someone who travels often or a single trip, there are some tips for preserving a quality shave while not having the same bathroom setup as at home. Depending on where and how long someone travels will change their […]

The Benefits Of Using Muehle Products For Your Next Shave

As the finest crafters and designers of a wide range of shaving products, Muehle provides the best imaginable shaving experience every single time. For years Muehle has provided a slew of incredible benefits to their customers across the globe. A person’s shaving experience is greatly enhanced when using any of our products due to the […]