MUHLE Wet Shave Buying Guide

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Muhle Razors

There are 3 primary shaving systems associated with MÜHLE razors when it comes to our Muhle luxury shaving culture.

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Muhle Safety RazorSafety razors are comprised of two main options, the R41 TRADITIONAL safety razor and the R89 TRADITIONAL safety razor.

The difference is characterized by an open or closed comb, which essentially means the presence of a safety bar.

Get tips on which classic Muhle safety razor is right for you or get insider information on how to use them better with our handy wet shaving 6 step guide.

Both of these safety razors utilize a TRADITIONAL double edged razor blade attached to a high grade perfectly constructed handle.

Note: The German engineering ensures that the weight of the razor does the primary work, gliding across your face with smooth easy strokes that give you a close strong shave.

Muhle R41 Safety RazorThe R41, which is referred to as open comb (or tooth comb) because of the distinctive teeth that direct the hairs toward the blade, is available in its original standard form or broken down into several sub categories including the Grande or the Twist.

It is also further differentiated by the handle type of your preference, with rose gold and chrome being the top two.

Muhle R89 Safety RazorThe R89, referred to as closed comb, can also be purchased in its original form or in the R89-Grande or R89-Twist sub categories, with the same options as the R41 when it comes to handle type.

The difference between the standard and the Grande (or Twist) is primarily in the size and weight.

Both the Grande and Twist are larger and heavier, with the Twist having a small wheel at the end of the handle that you “twist” to release the cap of the razor to change the blade or head.



Muhle Shaving RazorThis refers to shaving with any system that utilizes 5-blade razor cartridge heads on an appropriate high quality razor handle.

Fusion, Proglide, and Proshield are classic examples of popular 5 blade shaving systems using Gillette® razor blade cartridge heads.

Most wet shave enthusiasts who utilize these systems forgo the standard Gillette® handle for the better weight and design of an engineered handle designed for 5 blade cartridge shaving.

The difference a high grade handle makes is incredible and nearly every shaving collection from classic to modern has a 5 blade assortment of handle and shaving kit options so that you can truly get a close powerful shave without utilizing a TRADITIONAL safety razor head.



Wet ShavingThese systems are nearly identical to the 5 blade systems except they are designed for razor blade cartridge heads that use 3 blades instead of 5.

Examples include the Mach3®, Mach3® Turbo, Mach3® Sensitive, Gillette® Body, and the Sensor3.

Men who prefer the 3 blade systems of shaving can improve upon the existing high performance of these razor types with a hand-chosen engineered handle from MÜHLE that suits their aesthetic preferences while gaining an incredible edge on a much closer and smoother shave through improved performance.

There simply is no comparison between a 3 blade cartridge on a standard handle and a 3 blade cartridge on a stunning, perfectly balanced, chrome handle designed to enhance the quality of the shave.


Shaving Brush Essentials

Understand the Differences Between the Brushes…

Checklist Square Silvertip Fibre® Brush

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Checklist Square Fine Badger Brush

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Muhle Silvertip Fibre Shaving BrushThese high-quality synthetic fibers represent an incredible innovation of MÜHLE design and creation.

Our Silvertip Fibre® invention allow us offer a synthetically produced premium quality shaving brush whose material characteristics are analogous to those of the precious natural hair originally sourced from the Silvertip Badger.

The majority of our users even say that this quality actually provides better performance characteristics than the natural hair.

‘Silvertip Fibre®’ is very soft at its fine tips, but somewhat more stable than natural hair in the middle section. These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied, without having to forgo the desired firmness of the hairs in the lathering process.

In daily use, the manually processed fibres are less sensitive than natural hair as they dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

The completely vegan fibers are also somewhat easier to use than natural hair as they produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream, which allows you to use your shaving soaps and creams more sparingly and get more uses out of them.



Muhle Silvertip Badger Shaving BrushAmong connoisseurs, the Silvertip Badger shaving brush is regarded as the top of the top, the crème de la crème. Only the best, carefully selected badger hair is used for these purely handcrafted shaving brushes because this incredibly valuable naturally sourced material is particularly soft and flexible.

The fine, conically tapering hairs possess the ability to retain a large amount of water and produce a dense, creamy lather. Another sign of quality is the even black band running horizontally through the predominantly silvery gleaming hair. This premium product is manufactured using an array of historic tools in an artisan procedure mastered by only a few specialists worldwide.

The semi-circular shape of the brush head is created by hand when binding the brush. The fine tips therefore do not require trimming and the natural softness of the hair is retained.



Muhle Black Fibre BrushHere at MÜHLE we developed this purely vegan shaving brush quality especially for the luxury wet shaving experience.

In their dark coloring and softness, these synthetic fibers largely resemble the natural hair material of our pure badger quality brushes but are a little softer at the tips.

These Black Fibre synthetic fibers possess amazing performance characteristics while at the same time, the fibers prove somewhat sturdier and more durable than natural hair.

Some users prefer this material not only due to its vegan properties, but also because it produces a particularly creamy shaving lather.



Muhle Fine Badger Shaving BrushFine Badger brushes are known for superior softness and a rich warm lather. They are softer than pure badger, but somewhat firmer than Silvertip Badger.

The hairs are light grey in color and feature the dark stripe or band typical of high badger hair qualities.

This natural hair material is extremely well-suited to wet shavers who value the softness of badger hair and want to achieve a massage effect.

We process this fine badger quality mechanically according to the high standards which we apply to all MÜHLE products.

If required, the crown of the brush head is slightly trimmed to obtain the perfect brush shape that characterizes MÜHLE shaving brushes.



Muhle Pure Bristle Shaving BrushPure Bristle are hairs and fibers taken from boars hair.

In general, boars hair is noticeably harder than badger hair and produces a more bracing massage effect that some wet shave enthusiasts prefer.

The boars hair is very good for agitating the skin pre-shave, lifting the hairs, and providing a more thorough means of cleansing off old skin cells and impurities.

The bristle brush definitely starts out stiffer and then becomes softer with use, breaking in and aligning with your face.

Pure bristle offers an inexpensive and easy entry into the world of wet shaving while also providing a more comprehensive brush for luxury wet shave enthusiasts who prefer that.



Muhle Pure Badger Shaving Brush Pure badger provides the foundation of higher quality among the natural hair types.

The material is recognizable by its relatively dark coloring.

The individual hairs are somewhat thicker, but still soft and much more flexible than bristles.

This quality is highly recommended for those wishing to take a badger hair brush that provides a slightly stronger massage effect but less strong than the pure bristle.

We manufacture this product mechanically according to the same high standards which we apply to all MÜHLE products.


MÜHLE Wet Shave Collections

Search By Specific Collections…

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Traditional Shaving RazorTRADITIONAL wet shaving refers essentially to luxury safety shaving.

The TRADITIONAL shaving style (and line) requires the use of a safety razor with strong blade tension to provide a close comfortable shave.

As described above, there are two main categories of safety of shaving, the open comb or the closed comb, depending on the closeness of the shave you prefer.



Muhle RazorMÜHLE periodically releases limited edition collections that are coveted worldwide for their exclusive materials and patterns.

EDITION 1 was designed for engineers and racing enthusiasts with a dark carbon design that created gleaming surfaces and dynamic reflections.

EDITION 2 featured razor sets made from the finest natural lacquer, which has long been a symbol of perfection and aestheticism.

EDITION 3 is made of Bog Oak, a particular beautiful dark hued oak wood found in wet bogs, swamps, or on river banks. The wood is refined with sterling silver to give the fine indentations on the surface of the material a silvery gleam enhanced by a glossy waterproof seal.



70Th Anniversary Muhle Safety Razor SetThe 70th anniversary of MÜHLE, which spanned from 1945 to 2015, featured the release of a very special TRADITIONAL edition known as the 70th anniversary edition.

Made of high grade gray resin, and imprinted with the 70th anniversary commemorative logo, these exclusive limited EDITION productions come in stunning safety razor handles and beautiful Silvertip Fibre® or Silvertip Badger brushes that come in a lovely commemorative decor box.

You can either purchase the safety razor alone, the brush alone, or the razor and brush as a 70th anniversary edition combo.




Muhle Sophist BrushSubtle, knowledgeable, and matured personalities with a strong depth of character are often considered sophisticated.

Noble elegance and perfection lend our Classic Sophist designs an unmistakable appearance along this thought process. It’s no small thing that our SOPHIST collection is regarded as a design classic which symbolizes the archetype of traditional shaving culture.

Connoisseurs love the harmonious combination of classic form and fine materials.

Select from buffalo horn, African Blackwood, porcelain, or high-grade resin to customize your SOPHIST wet shave experience.

Buffalo horn handles use only the solid tips for durability and design.

African Blackwood is intensely high grade, and also used in the making of fine musical instruments. Porcelain, the white gold of China, has been a cultural commodity since time immemorial. And the polished high-grade resin, used in numerous variants, is consistently stunning in both design and material (and also used for other beautifully luxurious accessories).



Muhle PuristConcentrating on the essential is an art form. Purity is a central focus that stays true to a core of simplicity and integrity.

The PURIST dispenses with all that is superfluous.

The MÜHLE CLASSIC PURIST series is characterized by its gently rounded handles with a broadly shaped neck.

Briar wood from the root tubers of the Mediterranean Erica plant (familiar from the world of fine tobacco) is used in the PURIST series, as are high-grade black resins, ebony, and the particularly decorative Karelian Masur Birch.

This series is available in the hair grades Silvertip Badger, Fine Badger and the vegan ‘Silvertip Fibre®’.

The brush heads can be unscrewed and replaced with ease.



A good shaving brush is one that creates creamy shaving lather.

Classic Shaving BrushThe bristles of the brush lift the hairs and assist in creating a strong close wet shaving experience while also clearing your face of layers of dead skin cells, facial oils, accumulated microscopic dirt, airborne particles and pollutants, environmental debris, and other unwanted elements.

This helps you not only consistently get a better shave

Browse from our selection of CLASSIC brushes to find the one that calls out to you. Just make sure to apply lather to the moistened face in a gentle circular motion for a perfectly prepared wet shave.




Muhle Stylo Shaving RazorA shaving kit in a conical shape, the result is a revolution in the history of wet shaving products.

Our STYLO series from the MODERN line combines chrome with high-grade resin, African Blackwood and Thuja, and the strongly grained burl of the Sandarac tree.

High-grade resin is predestined for this area of application. It is intensely durable and easily retains its shine and radiance after years of use.

African Blackwood is by nature particularly hard, beautiful, and water resistant.

The Thuja surfaces are sealed in a special process and therefore absolutely 100 percent water resistant.

This series is available in the hair grades Silvertip Badger, Fine Badger and vegan ‘Silvertip Fibre®’ and the brush heads can be unscrewed and replaced with ease.



Muhle KosmoAt home everywhere, with an open mind for new worlds and experiences, the cosmopolitan is the role model for the development of this modern series.

Our MODERN KOSMO line stays true to its contemporary, elegant design.

Its special appeal is achieved not least by our characterful materials such as horn-colored or black high-grade resin.

For the natural materials we have chosen Olive Wood in warm shades and Bog Oak as a darker contrast.

Selected sections of wood from trunks up to 3,000 years old are used.

Simple, high-quality chrome rims accentuate the beautiful surfaces of the handle materials.

Like many of our series, KOSMO is available in the hair grades Silvertip Badger, fine badger and vegan ‘Silvertip Fibre®’. The brush heads can be unscrewed and replaced with ease.



Luxury Shaving BrushFrom the original product idea through the production process, MODERN brushes are crafted out of the very best materials using techniques designed to maintain premium quality.

STYLO and KOSMO were created for discerning new target groups and the Modern brushes reflect this same mentality.

The design of MODERN brushes, safety razors and handles follow both ergonomic and aesthetic principles.

Stylish colors and fine materials combine to create an emotional presence. However, MÜHLE also sees modernity as aspiring to comfort and individuality.

Modern brushes are available in every hair grades for any shaving system.




Muhle Liscio Shaving RazorThe LISCIO series presents itself with a perfected design and a wider choice of materials and shaving systems.

The INTRO Liscio line has a straightforward, clear styling, which impresses with its aesthetic and ergonomic features.

Besides handles made of high-grade resin in black, horn brown, and white colors, a version in brown ash wood is also available which is intensely water resistant and longer-lasting than normal wood thanks to a special thermal treatment.

The core material of choice is then combined with lower sections made of chrome-plated brass, creating particularly refined accents.

The LISCIO series is a sure winner and the starting point for many collections.



Muhle Rytmo Shaving RazorThe RYTMO series stands for an eye-catching, timeless design that looks amazing as a gift or adorning your bathroom counter.

The conical form is interrupted by distinctive lines at the chrome-plated base. As with other traditional forms, this design principle ensures a snug fit when hung in the holder.

The INTRO RYTMO line comes in the high-grade resin variants including black, stone, and dove blue.

The series is also optionally available in thermally treated ash wood for a different, more natural wood-based flair.

All of the INTRO RYTMO color and material variants are especially accentuated by the gleaming, chrome-plated base.



Muhle VivoThe VIVO series from MÜHLE reinterprets the classic design vocabulary of its predecessors.

The INTRO VIVO line develops the classic designs further to create a style all its own.

The slightly bulbous shape of the handle tapers down to the chrome-plated base. The opposite curve of the brush and the razor is a typical stylistic feature of classic design which at the same time facilitates a secure fit in a specially developed holder.

The handles come in high-grade resin, and are manufactured in horn brown, black, and ivory colors. You can also order the INTRO VIVO in reddish, gleaming plum wood.

Both the exclusive high-grade resin (polished to a glossy finish) and the natural surface of the wood are extremely pleasant to the touch.

In their unique combination of designed form, balanced weight and smooth surface quality, the brushes and razors satisfy not only aesthetic, but also ergonomic requirements, giving you the best shave possible.


Shaving Creams vs Shaving Soaps

Select Between Shaving Creams or Shaving Soaps:

Checklist SquareClassic Shaving Cream

Checklist SquareClassic Shaving Soap

Checklist SquareOrganic Shaving Cream

There are a lot of important differences between shaving soaps and shaving creams

Classic Shaving Cream

Muhle Shaving CreamClassic shaving creams are an essential part of modern manhood and a contemporary alternative to the traditional soaps that many wet shave enthusiasts prefer.

When you select a high-quality shaving cream you get a hair and skincare product designed for the modern wet shaving experience.

The difference between the soaps and creams is in the time, effort, and personal preference.

A good shaving cream will prepare your skin and beard for a gentle and perfect shaving experience in a similar fashion to a good shaving soap but slightly faster and easier.

Just use a shaving bowl to dab the brush and create a light consistency and creamy foam.

Then after cleansing your face, just apply the cream with your shaving brush and work it into the beard to lift the hairs and allow the cream to saturate the hair and protect your skin for a closer and smoother shave.


Classic Shaving Soap

Muhle Shaving SoapThe classic way to create a rich lather is to use a shaving soap, which dates back thousands of years and traditionally uses a high level of fat and glycerin to act as a humectant (hydrating your skin) and emollient (softening the beard and leaving your face smooth and moisturized).

Rich, gently scented lather is produced from the high level of fats (and traditional milling process used to create high grade shaving soaps) when mixed with warm water and agitated with the help of a shaving brush.

Build up a good lather only after making sure that your brush bristles have had a chance to soak in hot water and absorb a high level of moisture.

It should take around 30 seconds to achieve a thick warm lather with no bubbles.


Organic Shaving Cream

Muhle Organic Shaving CreamYour skin is a permeable membrane but works hard as a daily barrier against the outside world to keep out unwanted toxins, chemicals, pollutants, and environmental junk.

Organic shaving creams allow you to eliminate the added daily exposure to unwanted chemicals and derivatives often present in low quality or traditional shaving creams including phthalates, parabens, sulfates, parfums, and triethanolamine.

The MÜHLE ORGANIC Skincare shaving cream uses vegan active ingredients (such as Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids) with no synthetic preservatives, aromatic substances or colourants to nourish and protect the skin while creamy waxes and nurturing glycerine even out the hydro-lipid balance of the skin.

While shaving, this creates a light, smooth lather with a high conditioning factor – enabling the blade to glide effortlessly during the wet shave and leave your face clean and refreshed afterwards.


Skincare, Haircare, & Aftershave

Stock up on Pre-Shave and Post-Shave Hair, Body, and Skincare:

Checklist SquareOrganic Face Wash Gel

Checklist SquareOrganic After Shave Balm

Checklist SquareOrganic Face Cream

Here at MÜHLE we recommend taking a hot shower before you shave instead of the other way around. The hot water saturates the hair fibers, making your beard softer and easier to cut, and the shower (plus the follow up face wash) helps to slough off dirt and dead skin cells while preparing your skin for the shave.

The steps are: shower, face wash, lather, shave, rinse, dry, balm, wait, and finally add a layer of lotion designed for a man’s face.

Organic Face Wash Gel

Washing your face before you shave is a critical step.

Even if you take a hot shower beforehand, using a good high quality face wash can really hone in on the focal areas and remove extra layers of dirt and oil and environmental particulate matter.

Better yet, a good face wash helps to add critical levels of powerful moisture and hydration while smoothing the skin to help prevent razor burn, bumps, and acne breakouts while protecting healthy layers and giving you a slicker shave with less issues.


Organic After Shave Balm

Muhle AftershaveA balm is different than a traditional aftershave. A balm provides a thick coat of moisture-rich layers to protect, soothe, and moisturize your skin when it is at it’s most sensitive – right after shaving.

The shaving process removes multiple layers of outer skin as well as the facial hair, and that means that when you are finished there are patches of brand new under-skin exposed.

After you wash off the residual shaving cream or soap, just pat your face with a clean towel then rub a dollop of after shave balm between your hands to warm and mix it, before massaging it gently onto the skin of your face.

MÜHLE offers an ORGANIC Skincare after shave balm rich in Aloe Vera to help skin regeneration and elasticity, Argan oil for vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Calendula extracts for antiseptic purposes and a soothing effect, Bisabolol (obtained from Camomile) for anti-inflammatory and healing benefits, and avocado oil ingredients to create a strong hydro-lipid balance without the need for synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, and dyes.


Organic Face Cream

Muhle Organic Face Cream After your shave balm has dried, you may want to add a final protective layer to last the day and help prevent the dry skin condition that comes as an aftereffect of shaving.

Nourishing, moisturizing face care protects and support smoother skin, making it more resistant to irritations.

Vitamin E and F are crucial elements as they help to retain moisture and strengthens the barrier function of the skin.

Aloe Vera is also a great ingredient as it is very effective against the drying out that happens over time, and adds the benefits of greater skin elasticity and skin cell regeneration.


Honorable Mentions

A high grade shampoo, shower gel, and body lotion are also important elements for hygiene. These pre-shave and post-shave hair and skincare products will help you stay clean while keeping your skin and hair as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Organic Shampoo

It goes without saying that a good high quality shampoo is an important part of any male hygiene routine. But just as with shaving creams, you want to select a shampoo (because of how often you use it) that is not loaded with problematic chemicals or ingredients linked to biological problems with the body. A good shampoo will not only keep your hair moisturized and vibrant, but improve hair structure and volume.

Organic Shower Gel

Muhle Organic Shower GelShower gels often contain an inordinate amount of unnecessary fragrances and chemicals that simply aren’t good for your body.

This is especially true in a hot shower when your skin is more hydrated/saturated and more environmental elements can get through.

A good high grade shower gel keeps your skin and body healthy and radiant, and an organic high grade product prevents daily exposure to chemicals and toxins linked to illnesses, problems, and other detrimental elements and effects.

Organic Body Lotion

When selecting a body lotion (as with a face lotion) always select one designed for a man as the female body has different oil requirements for their skin, and a female body lotion will leave the male skin over oily and can create issues with clogged pores and excess shininess.

The MÜHLE ORGANIC Skincare Body Lotion is built around Argan Oil (which is particularly rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids), soya oil and shea butter to optimise the lipid balance and to support the skin smoothness, Aloe Vera to provides intensive protection against dryness and supports the elasticity and regeneration of the skin, Bisabolol (the active ingredient of camomile) to add anti-inflammatory properties and support the healing process, and Rosemary extract to protect the skin against radical elements.


Gifts & Starter Packs

Give the Gift of the Luxury Wet Shave Experience.

Checklist Square3 Piece Starter Set

Checklist Square6 Piece Gift Sets

3 Piece Starter Set

A starter set makes the perfect way to dip a toe into the luxury shaving experience to find out if it is right for you. A starter set comes with a brush, brush stand, and shaving cream… which is just a razor shy of everything you need to get started and try it out.

The razor is usually purchased separately so that it can be hand selected from the array of choices to align with the person’s personal preferences and shaving style.

A starter set also makes a great accessory gift as well for anyone who already owns a razor or is planning on purchasing one.

Pure Badger Starter Set

Muhle Pure Badger Starter SetMÜHLE offers a 3 piece Pure Badger starter set that includes a pure badger brush, a clear stand, and a tube of high grade shaving cream.

You can select from three choices when it comes to the shaving cream including Aloe Vera (shown in the image), Sandalwood, and Sea Buckthorn.


6 Piece Gift Sets

Luxury shaving gift sets make the perfect option for birthdays and holidays, as well as surprise tokens of appreciation. Many people give them to fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, or other family and friends as well as gifts to various professionals who go above and beyond in their service.

6 Piece TRADITIONAL Gift Set

The 6 piece gift set from MÜHLE provides an amazing array of value and provides everything a son, father, friend, or associate needs to experience the ultimate in the luxury wet shave experience.

It includes:
Muhle Traditional Gift Set•Chrome R89 Closed Comb Safety Razor
•Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush
•Spare Razor Blades – 1 Pack of 10
•Shaving Razor Blade Guard
•Chrome Razor and Brush Stand
•MÜHLE Luxury Shaving Towel – 1


6 Piece Vivo Gift Set

The 6 piece VIVO gift set from MÜHLE focuses on the 5 blade shaving system instead of the safety razor.

It includes:
Muhle Vivo Gift Set•Plum Wood 5 Blade VIVO Razor – Compatible with the Gillette® Fusion
•Black Fibre Shaving Brush
•Classic Shaving Soap – Sea Buckthorn
•White Porcelain Bowl
•Chrome Razor and Brush Stand
•MÜHLE Luxury Shaving Towel – 1


Travel Kits & Travel Accessories

Invest in a Travel Kit or Take Your Shaving System With You.

Checklist SquareTravel Kits

Checklist SquareTravel Bags

Checklist SquareTravel Accessories

Travel Kits

Small Travel Kit – Wrap

Muhle Travel Razor Travel is a big part of life these days and everyone has to travel either for business purposes, personal visits, or vacations.

When you don’t want a large kit, the small travel kit is perfect as it includes an exclusive travel shaving brush with Silvertip Fibre® brushhead and your choice of a Gillette® Fusion or Mach3® shaving system razor.

The case it is wrapped in is genuine untreated natural cowhide tanned using a special method that creates a durable natural material which is long-lasting, aesthetically appealing, masculine, and develops an individual patina over the course of its use which is thought to trace the travel of its owner across destinations and experiences.

Small Travel Kit – Pouch

Muhle Travel BrushPrefer a small pouch to store your travel kit?

Then you will enjoy this alternative travel kit from MÜHLE which features the same array of items as the cowhide wrap including an exclusive chrome travel shaving brush with Silvertip Fibre© brushhead and your choice of a Gillette® Fusion or Mach3® chrome shaving system razor.

But instead of a light tan brown cowhide wrap, this travel kit comes with a high quality leather pouch handcrafted in Florentine style, and finished in deep lustrous black or brown.


Travel Bags

Muhle Travel CaseEvery man needs either a small travel kit for quick access to a razor and brush, or a travel bag to carry all of his necessary wet shave essentials and accessories. From a medium sized bathroom bag to a larger leather travel bag, you have a strong variety to choose from, and it simply depends on your style, aesthetics, and personal preferences.

MÜHLE offers both large and small leather bags for travel purposes, and all of them are amazingly durable, high quality, and strikingly appealing in leather designs.


Travel Accessories

Muhle Travel Shaving BrushThe first thing to consider is whether you want a small chrome travel razor to take with you, or you plan to take your full sized razor. If you buy a travel kit they come with a small travel razor.

A blade guard is perfect for bathroom storage if you don’t use your shaving razor often or need to put it away periodically. It also serves as the perfect means of transporting your full size shaving razor for travel purposes.

In addition to a blade guard, you need either a travel tube for your shaving brush or a travel brush specifically designed for travel purposes that flips around to store in it’s own handle.

And don’t forget spare blades for either your 5 blade, 3 blade, or safety razor shaving system.


Holders & Stands

Pick Your Razor Stand, Brush Stand, or Combo Stand.

Checklist SquareRazor Stand

Checklist SquareBrush Stand

Checklist SquareRazor & Brush Stand

Checklist SquareSet With Bowl

Razor Stand

As the name implies, this type of stand is for a shaving razor only.

TRADITIONAL Razor StandMuhle Safety Razor Stand

The TRADITIONAL holder comes in chrome and is designed primarily for the TRADITIONAL collection of safety razors.

This razor stand is suitable for the following MÜHLE razors: R89, R106, R107, R41, R102, R101, R89 GRANDE, and the R41 GRANDE.

3 or 5 Blade Systems Razor Stand

Shaving StandDon’t use a safety razor shaving system?

We also offer a chrome razor stand designed specifically for a 3 blade or 5 blade shaving razor systems as well.

The utility of the engineering allows the razor blades to air dry and the minimalist design keeps a low profile even when in use.


Brush Stand

When you just want a stand to allow your shaving brush to dry properly, a brush stand is the perfect selection.

Muhle Brush StandMost high quality brush stands come in chrome and you can find one to fit any shaving brush you own or are purchasing (from the Silvertip Badger to Pure Bristle).

Remember to find one that suits your aesthetics as they all serve the relatively same function.

And make sure the stand is compatible with the brush type you prefer.

This ensures that it is tall enough for the brush to hang upside down upon without the bristles touching the base, which is essential for a proper air dry.


Razor and Brush Stand

For most wet shaving enthusiasts, we recommend a razor and brush stand, or razor and brush stand with a bowl.

Muhle Razor And Brush Stand The more you take care of your shaving razor and shaving brush, the longer they will last and the better they will treat you.

When caring for a shaving razor after you are done shaving, you want to wash off the gunk and then flick it in the air to remove the water. You don’t want to wipe it on a towel (or anything else) as this will simply dull the blade faster. So when you are done washing the razor you need a stand to hang it on so that it can air dry properly.

The same goes for a shaving brush.

After you are done washing off the shaving cream and other elements from your face, a stand is the perfect means of allowing the shaving brush to air dry rather than rest on a wet surface or improperly dry in another manner.


Stand with a Bowl

Muhle Shaving Stand With BowlThe RYTMO, VIVO, and SOPHIST collections feature razor and brush stands that also include a bowl.

As mentioned above, a razor stand that allows your razor blade and shaving brush to properly air dry is essential for their care.

And a shaving bowl is nearly as essential for its value in properly building a lather from your shaving cream or soap.

A chrome shaving bowl that goes with your stand adds another level of aesthetic excellence to your set. Plus they are easy to clean.

It not only looks fantastic to have the full set (unless you prefer the mug to the bowl) but having a means of creating a strong lather for your brush helps you to get a strong powerful shave every time.


Mugs & Bowls

Decide Between Mugs or Bowls and Add a Blade Bank:

Checklist SquareBlade Bank

Checklist SquareShaving Mugs

Checklist SquareShaving Bowls

Shaving Mugs

A shaving mug is a great alternative to one of the razor and brush stands that feature a chrome bowl.

Muhle Shaving MugWith your choice between white or black porcelain, you will simply love the rich creamy lather you are able to produce in a shaving mug. Especially if you are a shaving enthusiast that prefers to use shaving soaps instead of shaving creams.

A porcelain shaving mug is a great option, just make sure it has a high brim and an easy-to-grip handle. You will love how it inspires feelings of a traditional old world shaving experience and leaves you with a satisfying post-shave impression of classic manhood.


Shaving Bowls

There are hundreds of shaving bowls available but the most durable and high grade are chrome or porcelain.

Muhle Shaving BowlMost porcelain shaving bowl options come in white or black as these colors fit the largest number of shaving systems and razors.

If you are truly looking for a wet shave, then you simply cannot do without a bowl or mug as you need something to put the shaving soap or cream in to build and apply the lather.

Plus they go wonderfully with razor and brush stands, and will provide a delightful addition to your bathroom counter.


Blade Bank

You don’t often consider it, but there is a level of responsibility inherent in utilizing a TRADITIONAL shaving system because of the need to replace your razor blades at varying intervals depending on how often you shave.

Muhle Blade BankThe blade bank allows you to properly dispose of used safety razor system razor blades without the associated dangers of tossing them in the trash.

Not only does this keep you safe, and your family free of the potential dangers inherent in having sharp razor blades exposed, but it prevents any nasty accidents from happening to your trash collectors who will not be expecting dangerous blades in the garbage.

Plus, the blade bank is often very well designed and makes an attractive addition to your on-counter set.