The Muhle Safety Razor


You’ve decided to add a Muhle safety razor to your shaving arsenal and are in for a whole new experience in shaving that will be both rewarding and exciting!

The next important question is… what type of safety razor should I start with?

If you already know which safety razor you prefer, try learning more about the modern luxury shaving culture or get insider information with our handy wet shaving 6 step guide.

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Best Safety Razor

Best Safety Razor There are two main styles/designs to choose from:

1. The Muhle R89 closed comb double edged safety razor

2. The Muhle R41 open comb double edged safety razor

When choosing between a closed comb or open comb razor, preference is everything and the best shave is going to depend on the person.

That said…

If you are just getting into shaving with a safety razor, you probably don’t fully know the differences between the closed comb and open comb safety razors – or which one would be better for you to start out with.

That’s why we are here to break down both of these safety razor types and give you the insider perspective that hopefully will make your choice a little easier!

The Muhle R89 Safety Razor

The closed comb double edged safety razor, or closed comb razor, is by far the most popular form of the safety razor on the market.

Muehle R89 Safety Razor What makes the closed comb safety razor unique is that the closed comb razor head adds extra protection to the skin during a shaving session.

This is because the razor head has a straight safety bar.

The safety bar goes across the head, the same length as the actual razor blade.

When shaving, this safety bar helps tighten the skin and allows for a smoother, more flat surface for the razor blade to cut the skin. With this, the shaver will have a less aggressive shave.

This is usually preferred by those who are just getting into using a safety razor as you will have less of a chance of cutting or injuring yourself.

Also, for those with less facial hair or who shave on a regular basis, the less-aggressive shave of a closed comb double edged safety razor is usually more than enough.

One of the most famous classic closed comb safety razors is our very own Muhle R89, which can be found in many different colors and variations on our Muhle Shop Page.

Muhle R89 Grande Safety Razor

One of the variations on the classic R89 is the Muhle R89 Grande Safety Razor, which varies the weight and hand feel of the original to lend more a hefty shave that slides across the face with the same smooth cut while allowing the carefully crafted extra weight to lend to the closeness of the shave.

Muhle Safety Razor R89 Twist

The other main variation of the classic R89 is the Muhle safety razor R89 Twist, which is characterized by the wheel at the bottom that turns to unlock the blade and head at the top.

The Muhle R41 Safety Razor

For those looking for a more “aggressive” shave compared to the closed comb safety razor, the open comb double edged safety razor offers the “all out” aggressive shave you are looking for.

Muhle Safety Razor Instead of the straight bar found in the closed comb safety razor…

The open comb safety razor has a row of teeth that runs underneath the razor blade.

This row of teeth helps direct the hairs on the face or beard towards the blade, allowing for more hair to be cut during each pull of the razor.

The location of the teeth also help prevent hair clogs along the actual razor blade, enhancing the ability to shave more hair at once.

For an expert in wet shaving, using an open combed safety razor could mean a much closer shave with less passes.

With that said, first time safety razor users should be careful with the open comb design as there is an increased chance of cutting or injuring yourself.

For fans of wet shaving or those with a little experience using a safety razor, an open comb double edged safety razor could be a great upgrade! The German engineers at Muehle USA (MÜHLE) have perfected the classic open comb safety razor, the Muhle R41.

Safety Razor Accessories

Almost as important as the safety razor, are the essential accessories.

Safety Razor Head

Not to be confused with the double sided razor blades, which you will want to have on hand regardless of which safety razor you select, the safety razor head is the entire top piece that attaches to the handle and holds the razor blades with the strong tension necessary to provide the cutting flow and weight.

Muhle Safety Razor Stand

Muhle Safety Razor Set You don’t want to treat your safety razor the same way you would treat a disposable or lower grade razor. After you are done shaving with your luxury safety razor, run some water across the blade to wash off the gunk or leftover hair and then flick it to whip the water off before setting it on a Muhle safety razor stand designed to allow it to air dry.

Muhle Safety Razor Set

You can avoid the need for a Muhle safety razor stand by purchasing a Muhle safety razor set, which comes with a shaving brush and muhle safety razor stand. Some of the Muhle safety razor sets come with a bowl as well, or you can purchase a mug separately.

German Safety Razor

German Safety Razor The best in class when it comes to luxury safety razors are the German safety razors because of the length of time that historically they have been hand crafting German safety razors to standards that set the bar for the rest of the world.

A German safety razor has a guard over the double sided razor blade that glides across the skin when shaving, limiting the exposure of the razor blade and reducing the overall risk of cuts/injuries.

Ultimately, you will have to decide whether to go with a closed comb R89 safety razor or an open comb R41 safety razor based on your needs and sense of adventure.

But one thing is guaranteed…

Once you get the hang of the safety razor you will absolutely LOVE your shave! And people will LOVE your smooth polished face.