The Muhle R41 Grande Open Comb Safety Razor

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TRADITIONAL – Safety razor from MÜHLE – Open Comb – GRANDE


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Our Muhle R41 Grande Open Comb Safety Razor

The MÜHLE R41 is considered by many to be one of the most aggressive safety razors on the market. It helps you shave off 3 to 4 days worth of beard growth with significantly less passes than other razors would require.

The R41 features a hybrid open comb style which makes it more aggressive than our similar closed comb safety razor styles.

Features of the MÜHLE R41

Material – The R41 Open Comb Safety Razor has a metal handle with finished chrome highlights. The chrome finishing creates a stylized razor blade, great for wet shaving and a long lasting lifespan.

Open Comb Safety Razor Head – The open comb hybrrid style of the R41 means that this safety razor blade is not for beginners. It is a very aggressive blade that can provide you with a BBS shave in as little as two passes. More blade is exposed with the R41’s open comb blade system which allows more shaving cream to pass through while allowing a closer shave.

The construction of this blade allows for easy cleaning and ensures that the interior of the razor stay free of residue and stubble.

The MÜHLE R41 is recommended for advanced shavers and for those with denser and stronger beard growth.

Dimension: 43 mm x 107 mm

Weight: 84 g

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