The MarcWeiss Shaving Set – Fusion Razor – White

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Shaving Set with Stand

Pure Badger Brush

Fusion Razor?



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Our MarcWeiss Shaving Set – Fusion Razor – White


3 Piece luxury shaving set with handles made of high-grade resin white and with lower sections made of chrome-plated brass, creating particularly refined accents.

Includes shaving brush with pure badger, 5-blade-razor, compatible with Gillette® Fusion and stand made of metal, chrome-plated.

Each MARCWEISS quality product is characterized by love and care, artistic craftsmanship and industrial expertise. The traditional craft of brush-making has its home in Germany. Only a few experts in the world master this art.

Each individual model in our MARCWEISS design series is made by hand. These products include meticulously manufactured brush heads made from the natural material badger hair.The handle materials are also processed with a good eye and a sure touch because high-quality products for wet shaving call for particular prerequisites. The gleaming chrome surfaces are created in part by repeated polishing treatments which enhance every work piece. The assembly of the individual components to form the completed final product is also done by hand. At the end, each unique item is once more carefully scrutinized before it passes into the hands of its new owner.

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