The MarcWeiss – Chapter 5

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woman eau de PARFUM 100 ml –


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Our MarcWeiss – Chapter 5

Exuding femininity, she is excited about what each day will bring and lives life with all her senses. She spices up her natural elegance with refreshing verve. CHAPTER 5 is a sophisticated fragrance that harmonizes beautifully with the sensual and vibrant character of the woman who wears it. The fruity and slightly aromatic top note, comprising grapefruit and bitter orange, gives way to the delicate jasmine nuance in the middle note. The base note melds into the svelte freshness of the cedar and iris accord, thus accompanying the wearer discreetly through the day.

CHAPTER 5 perfume in an atomizer bottle can be applied liberally to the skin, hair, or clothing.

Ingredients: grapefruit, bitter orange, jasmine blossom, cedar, iris, sage, mimosa, narcissus, citrus, the blossoms of ylang-ylang tree

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