Transparent workshop and show-room

Strictly speaking, our company was a manufactory from the very beginning, but without referring to itself as such. The fact that we have officially been making manufactory products since 2008 has nothing to do with trends and fashions.

The term is Latin in origin: manus means hand, and facere means make. All the premium lines, the EDITIONs and the CLASSIC and MODERN series are still manufactured according to traditional craftsman’s methods. Naturally, we have further developed and refined these techniques. The bristle materials and materials for the handles possess a higher quality than seventy years ago.

The demands made of our employees’ workmanship, their expertise, their stamina and their dexterity remain as high as ever. As in the pioneer days, they work for the most part with traditional tools at vibration-free tables made of granite. Reason enough for us to provide them with a model workplace and to invite guests into our transparent workshop.

The heart of our MANUFACTORY is devoted to the hand-tied shaving brush for which we have used not only silvertip and fine badger hair, but also the synthetic premium quality Silvertip Fibre® since 2011. The brush heads are then combined with stylish handle bodies. Razors and safety razors are also produced in the traditional way, and here manual does not mean “mechanical”. Each individual component is painstakingly selected, and each work piece is checked and meticulously processed and finished. Final assembly and strict quality controls complete the manufacturing process.

Because only a perfect product earns the name MÜHLE.