Manual production

Rare beauty, lovingly created

The traditional craft of brush-making has its home here in the Erz Mountains. Only a few experts in the world master this art in which the legend of the MÜHLE brand has its origins.

Each individual model in our design series is made by hand in our Manufactory. These products include meticulously manufactured brush heads made from the natural material badger hair or the equally high-quality synthetic Silvertip Fibres® which are made in an elaborate procedure.

The materials are costly, so every movement has to be perfectly executed. The handle materials are also processed with a good eye and a sure touch because high-quality products for wet shaving call for particular prerequisites. We give the wood surfaces a lasting seal using thermal methods and oils. The gleaming chrome or synthetic resin surfaces are created in part by repeated polishing treatments which enhance every work piece. Metal parts made of brass are painstakingly chrome-plated.

The assembly of the individual components to form the completed final product is also done by hand. At the end, each unique item is once more carefully scrutinised before it passes into the hands of its new owner.