Luxury Shaving Classic Culture

A classic wet shave experience takes you on an aesthetic journey back to the root of your male essence.

Luxury Shaving Razors Luxury shaving is one of the most satisfying experiences in a young man’s life as a rite of passage and one of the most traditional elements in the life of those of us who are older and more experienced.

But somewhere between the time Ruth was calling his homers and Steph Curry started hitting shots from anywhere on the court, we lost our bearded way.

Fast cars. Fast money. Fast shaves.

The first two are fine if that’s what you prefer… but your shave?

Absolutely not!

It’s time to slow down, return to the roots of the luxury shaving culture, and boldly reclaim the aesthetics and satisfying feel of a smooth, high quality shave.

You see, back in the day before aerosol and multiple blades, things were simple… and simple worked.

Unfortunately, the male mastery over facial hair gave way to marketing mischief, and the mega corps got carried away with large scale ad campaigns that dragged men like you away from a truly great shave.

But don’t despair.

The tides have again changed back in your favor!

Get the inside scoop on which Muhle safety razor is right for you.

The Wet Shave Resurgence

Luxury Razors Once the underdog, traditional wet shaving has made a big comeback.

More men are re-discovering the timeless male wisdom of how to masterfully trim, shave, and care for their whiskers.

Consider this your initiation–a rite of passage into all that is right and sacred when it comes to the wet shave culture.

You see, a true man of discernment treats each action like the living art it is.

He is congruent, consistent, and unabashedly purposeful in all his pursuits.

This is what gives him integrity.

So why would you sip on single-malt, dress like Don Draper, yet scrape your face with a “cooler” version of what your mother uses on her legs just because a famous tennis star or golfer told you to?

Hmmm. That’s a chin scratcher, ain’t it?

Luxury Shaving At Its Finest!

Wet shaving is a technique that’s fallen out of favor since the advent of disposable, multi-blade razors. People want what they want and they want it now!

In many cases, this is a great mind set and drives innovation and growth. But there are some old school areas where a slower approach is the better approach, and the time you invest will reflect the quality and quantity of your gains.

Cheap disposable razors will give you a cheap disposable shave.

Fast shaving will give you razor burn and a mediocre shave quickly.

But a great shave is like a perfectly cooked steak – when it is done right it’s worth its weight in gold.

To get started with your wet shave, you will need a few things…

  • A male face wash
  • A double sided safety razor
  • Shaving soap or shaving cream
  • A good grade shaving brush
  • A shaving bowl or mug
  • Balm, aftershave, or skin cream
  • A sink and mirror

Once you have access to these materials, we can get started!

Feel free to check out our classic man’s comprehensive Muhle wet shave buying guide!


Luxury Shaving Brush

Do you need it as most modern shaves don’t seem to require it?

The answer is an emphatic YES!

You use the brush to create the lather… and oh man, do you ever have options here – badger, horse, boar, and synthetic vegan fibers just to name a few.

Luxury Shaving Brush As a rule of thumb, choose a brush based on whether you decide to work with soap or cream.

When using cream, you’ll lather up with a very soft brush, which, quite frankly, feels amazingly sweet on the skin.

If you’re a soap guy, you’ll use a brush with greater backbone, meaning they have firmer bristles which tend to pull up more off of a soap.

There are also plenty of options that fall in the middle if you like the flexibility of toggling between soap and cream.

A brush is something (with good care and a little sweet talk) will last several years, even decades.

Just rinse it out well, and flick it to snap out that excess water. Then hang it on a stand to air dry.

We highly recommend a badger or silvertip fibre brushes.


Luxury Badger Shaving Brush

A MÜHLE brush means quality and luxury, a man’s man product that will last you a lifetime.

No other brand will stick with you through travels, work, kids, and everything life has to throw at you.

Luxury Badger Shaving Brush So dip a MÜHLE luxury badger shaving brush into your custom lather and let the bristles do their job.

To fully understand the value of a MÜHLE Shaving Brush, you need to understand the origins.

A MÜHLE Shaving Brush stems from a lineage that extends to Germany, a location almost synonymous for quality products engineered to last. It all started with the advent of the luxury badger shaving brush and has evolved to an option for everyone from synthetic silvertip fibers to bracing boars hair brushes.

A fantastic shaving culture sprang-up decades ago around the MÜHLE Shaving razors, brushes, and accessories.

And ever since those glory days of shaving innovation and engineering, the MÜHLE luxury shaving brush has been known to be the pinnacle of luxury and quality for a culture known to adore quality.

•Barber’s Tip: If Johnny takes good care of his toys, they will last.


Luxury Razors

We recommend our luxury razors, which use a safety blade or a Gillette head, as they are custom-made and give you the cleanest shave.

Luxury Safety Razor Our kind of safety razor is that which you drop a double edge disposable blade into.

You just alternate sides for the razor as you are whisking those hairs away and rinse a bit in between.

With a safety razor, you have the option of experimenting with many blades in order to find the perfect match for your skin, and this is a beautiful thing.

Luxury Safety Razor

A safety razor is the pinnacle of luxury shaving, and no one creates higher grade and longer lasting safety razors than MÜHLE.

Buying a Muhle Razor is a very special experience and they are built to last and many people pass them down from generation to generation.

Luxury Shaving Razors

Muehle USA offers a huge array of high quality luxury shaving razors for you to select from, offering tons of collection pieces, numerous traditional luxury safety razors, and unique custom pieces.

They have been supplying the world with the finest luxury shaving razors for decades and will continue to do so in the USA with the grace and elegance it has always done in Europe.

It’s the quality and standards set by MÜHLE that has built the business from a small German enterprise to a global brand name synonymous with high end quality, top tier manufacturing, the absolute best customer service in the business, and products built to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a Muhle Razor from Muehle USA, don’t hesitate to shop our new site or reach out with a question.

We’re the ONLY official MÜHLE distributor in the US so don’t get fooled by an imitation or knock off.

And after you try your new toy, reach out and leave a review so all the other men who love luxury and comfort can see just what a treat they are in for.

•Barber’s Tip: Cheaper is rarely better.


Muhle Shaving Cream

Muhle Shaving Cream has a reputation for being top notch, and the organic skincare line is one of the best in the world.

If you’re looking for a brand that can deliver what’s best for your morning shave, you’ve found it.

Muhle Shaving Cream A wet shave isn’t complete without it!

Our brushes and razors are a perfect pair with Muehle Shaving Cream added on top.

Every twist and turn of the brush or razor glides gently and smoothly along your face without any friction since our Shaving Cream is made from the highest quality product that we can find.

It’s no wonder our shaving cream sells like hotcakes!

With the start of Muehle USA, we want to spread the great news of this luxury German shaving cream product hitting the shelves all over the USA. From coast to coast, we have dealers that sell our products and are glad to!

The quality is just so high and people simply love the product to the point that they keep their loyalty for years.

You can try some samples of our skincare products in our shop, if you’d like. They are very inexpensive and we’re sure that you’ll love what you’re going to experience!

And remember, it is our ultimate goal here at Muehle to make every customer exceptionally happy so if you’re not for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll rectify the situation immediately.

We are here to make sure your experience is one of the best you’ve ever had.