From product idea to start of production

Our quality standards are regarded worldwide as exemplary. Nevertheless, we remain a learning company that asks itself every day: What can we do better? In these times of ecological change we are focusing very strongly on vegan materials and raw materials that we employ in the form of synthetic fibres (Black Fibre or Silvertip Fibre®) for shaving brushes as well as complete natural cosmetic series, and we offer them under the name MÜHLE ORGANIC.

In order to conserve resources we work to a large extent with regional suppliers and over the last few years we have converted our manufacturing to fully integrated production.

Our design concepts are created in cooperation with selected designers and achieve aesthetic standards that stand above time. Each product already has to prove its ergonomic suitability and longevity in the early development phase.

We have contributed very significantly to the renaissance of the classic safety razor with various in-house developments, including a practical blade guard for travelling.

To make the daily wet shave an aesthetic ritual we even use unusual materials such as Chinese lacquer and carbon which were previously the preserve of luxury goods or motor sports. Complex development processes can take up to a year. Rome wasn’t built in a day: This motto applies to every market launch – and to the long life of the MÜHLE brand.