Industrial production

Serial perfection, sensitive technology

In order to provide broader target groups with an attractive range of brushes and razors we employ modern technologies and industrial manufacturing processes in which we invest continuously.

For serial production we use highly efficient machinery, some of which we developed ourselves or specified to our requirements. Automated manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality and punctual delivery of large volumes. Specialised machines partition the hair or bristle material precisely, then bundle it before it is glued into position. Any surplus hair is combed out and the brush is trimmed to shape. Finally, an elegant handle is attached. CNC techniques are applied to make sure that the wood, synthetic resin or metal work pieces are formed precisely and processed efficiently.

In industrial production, the proportion of manual work involved has also remained extremely important. The insertion of the brush head into a handle, the assembly of the head and the handle to form a razor with a single or multi-part blade system, as well as the printing and packaging of the products are all done by hand. End consumers from all over the world profit from our proficiency as a fully integrated industrial enterprise. Made-to-order production also benefits from our know-how and manufacturing expertise.