How to Get the Best Shave with Muhle

The shaving products and methods a man uses can have a significant effect on the quality of shave they experience. Our goal at Muhle is to provide men with an array of high-quality shaving products for all hair and skin types. Muhle sells razors, shaving brushes, skin care products, and accessories to enhance every customer’s shaving experience. Picking out the best products and understanding how to use them for optimal results is critical.

A Wet Shave is a Better Shave

Any shaving experience should begin by thoroughly wetting the area to be shaved. Hair is an absorbent material that becomes weak as it absorbs more water. The proper use of water will increase the quality of the shave and reduce the chance of razor burn. Warm water opens the pores and makes for an even higher quality experience.

Selecting a Shaving Brush from Muhle

Shaving brushes are used to evenly and gently apply to shave skin care products such as shave cream or shave soap. Shave brushes are more efficient in applying shave care products and exfoliating the skin below. The factors to consider when choosing a shaving brush include the handle and the bristles.

  • Shave Brush Handles – The handle shape needs to be comfortable for the user’s grip to ease the application of any skin care products. Common handle shapes include hexagonal, cylindrical, and rounded.
  • Shave Brush Bristles – Brush bristles come in a variety of options but the Silvertip Badger brush is preferred by most. The soft bristles are ideal for an array of skin types including those with sensitive skin. Black fiber brushes are vegan and provide a thicker lather. Barber brushes are larger and can lather a face quicker than other options. All of the brush bristles offered through Muhle contribute to a high-quality shaving experience.

Nom Shaving Brushes Offered by Muhle

Nom manufactures trendy and ergonomic shaving brushes in a variety of bristle options. For a gentle and even cream application, choose one of the colorful Nom brushes. Bristle options include black fibre, boars hair, and pure badger. Shop Nom Brushes!

Selecting a Shaving Razor from Muhle

Over the counter, razors do not provide the same level of shave that Muhle razors offer. Similar to the shaving brush, users should choose a razor that offers a comfortable grip. Nothing is worse than when the shaving razor slips and cuts the skin. More importantly than the handle is the actual razor blades. Muhle razor blades are made of stainless steel, a strong and durable material. Changing the blades frequently is critical to ensuring the best shade possible. Dull razors cause irritation to the skin and can lead to a rash, irritation, or itching.  

Selecting a Skincare Products from Muhle

Shave creams and soaps act as a lubricant that assists the razor smoothly glide across the face when shaving and lock moisture into the hairs. Inexpensive shave creams foam up in a visually satisfying way that isn’t actually best for a quality shave. Creams that foam less are likely of a higher quality. A shave with less resistance will help razors last longer and provide a closer shave.

Techniques for the Best Shaving Experience

There are recommended techniques to use with Muhle products to ensure the best quality shave. Always start by wetting the area to be shaved and applying a shaving cream or soap with a shaving brush. Use a sharp razor and work from the sides in, ending with the chin. Rinse the face thoroughly with warm water and apply an aftershave product.

Nothing can replace the satisfaction of a good shave. Muhle products provide the best shaving experienced when used together. Explore our wide range of Muhle shaving products such as razors, cremes, brushes, and accessories.