MÜHLE Collections

From the 70th Anniversary to the ROCCA, MÜHLE collections are synonymous with quality and brilliant design, crafted out of stunning materials that draw the light, and created to last a lifetime.

CLASSIC: Tradition in Consummate Design

Among the CLASSIC series, SOPHIST with its harmonious proportions, embodies the classic design of excellence. The brush heads come in Silvertip Badger, Fine Badger, or the premium synthetic Silvertip Fibre®. The pure formal language of PURIST, on the other hand, stands for a simple design which is reduced to the essentials while also featuring Silvertip Badger, Fine Badger and Silvertip Fibre® brushes.

MODERN: The Future is Taking Shape

Futuristic shapes and a highly ergonomic design characterize the MODERN series which comes with interchangeable brush heads. STYLO captivates with its conical shape, an innovative material concept and three premium qualities for the bristle load. These are also to be found in KOSMO, a series in a contemporary, elegant design with simple chrome rims for the precious materials.

INTRO: Quality is at the Beginning of Everything

In the INTRO collection, wet shavers find selected accessories at attractive prices. The bristle qualities embrace Pure Badger and the synthetic Black Fibre, which is also ideal for vegans. LISCIO models have a purist design. The model variants of RYTMO are characterized by their striking conical shape. The VIVO series are more classical in their design.

TRADITIONAL: For Connoisseurs with High Standards

We are promoting the renaissance of the safety razor as a traditional form of wet shaving with stylish accessories (brushes and safety razors) developed in-house, including models with open and closed tooth combs. The collection embraces gleaming chrome, rose gold and popular classic colors. Shaving brushes are available in the qualities Silvertip Fibre® and Silvertip Badger with matching holders.

ROCCA, 70th Anniversary, HJM, Edition, and More

From our commemorative 70th Anniversary collection to the Edition series to our new lines of ROCCA and HJM brushes, MÜHLE is always working to refine and perfect, offering a slow steady stream of new beautiful options for the collector and wet shave enthusiast alike.