History in private: the MÜHLE museum

We have been presenting the MÜHLE COLLECTION to the public since 2006. The roughly 2,000 exhibits illustrate 200 years of shaving culture as utility objects and luxury accessories.

In a historical hairdresser’s salon from the 1930s, notable contemporary witnesses are to be found such as a precious case containing seven straight razors. By not being subjected to daily shaving stress, the steel recovered and after a week was sharp again.

Longevity and reusability characterise the industrial design of the last 150 years, a fact borne out by unusual inventions such as those for sharpening razor blades. During the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II, other accessories were in demand: A special moustache cup was designed to prevent the owner’s pride and joy from being immersed while drinking. Travellers could take a water heater and shaving brush with them.

Razors, later often disposable items, accompanied some owners for a lifetime. This is demonstrated by a “shaving device”, patented 120 years ago, bearing the stars of the national banner of the USA.

And what was the purpose of strop paste? For the daily shave with the straight razor, the blade needed to be well-sharpened and the leather strap taken good care of.

Our museum is also a place of inspiration. It records all the development steps of the brand, including historical packaging. The evolution of the safety razor is also documented by many historical models. This inspires us to create new designs and to improve upon existing technologies.